May 12

I’ve Finished the Ruby on Rails Tutorial…Now What?

It was perhaps unrealistic, but I’d hoped that when at long last I’d completed the final chapter of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial, the clouds would part, there would be a chorus singing, and I would fully comprehend Rails. Alas, it was not to be. I now have more questions than I had before I started with the tutorial, but at least I’ve seen the process through to completion. So what’s next? Continue reading →

May 12

Counting Down

I generally learn more by doing something rather than just reading about it, or watching someone else do something. I’ve been working through each of the exercises in the Ruby on Rails tutorial with the hope that some of this knowledge will sink in. I’ve now reached the exercises for the penultimate 🙂 chapter of the tutorial, and the last exercise for this chapter is prefaced with the warning: challenging:

Add a JavaScript display to the Home page to count down from 140 characters.

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Mar 12

Digesting Rails: BDD with RSpec

I’ve now progressed through the first six chapters of the Ruby on Rails Tutorial and my head is spinning. I feel like Keanu Reeve’s character from the 90’s b-movie Johnny Mnemonic. Before I proceed, I thought I’d take some time to digest what I’ve learned and do a little research into aspects that I’ve found somewhat inscrutable, which are legion. Where to start? I’m somewhat intrigued by the idea of Test Driven Development, or in the case of the Ruby on Rails tutorial its variant which is described as Behavior Driven Development. Continue reading →

Feb 12

3.times { puts “go!” }

I’d been meaning to learn Ruby on Rails for quite some time now, but hadn’t committed myself. I’d heard so much about the beauty of the Ruby language and the power of Ruby on Rails that I wanted to find out what made this language so special. The impetus to finally begin learning Ruby on Rails came while browsing Hacker News one day a few weeks ago. I saw a posting for a free online course Programming for the Web with Ruby. On a whim I signed up for the course and began working through the lessons. Continue reading →